martedì 8 luglio 2014

Kies region

Kies domes (termed Kies 1-2) 

by Mike Wirths

by Paolo Lazzarotti

by Mike Wirths

by Stefan Buda

Diameter [km]
Heigth [m]
Kies 1
Kies 2
13.6 ± 0.5
51 x 34 ± 1
  160 ± 20
  55 ± 5
1.3 ± 0.1
0.15 ± 0.01

The dome Kies π (termed K1) has a  summit pit with an estimated size of 3.6 ± 0.5 km. With a diameter of 13.6 ± 0.5 km, height of 160 ± 20 m and resulting flank slope of 1.35° ± 0.10° belongs to class C1. The dome K2 is a very large dome associated with a linear rille and has a sinuous rille on its surface, indicating an effusion of lava. The curvilinear rille traversing the surface of K2 is likely due to a dike which remained subsurface, applying stress to the surface layers to form the rille and the dome was formed in a way similar to a terrestrial laccolith. It is characterized by a flat surface, large diameter, elliptical shape and very low slope of only 0.15°.According to modelling results K2 is a candidate intrusive domes and belongs to class In1. All domes of class In1 show fractures, and sometime faults, on their surfaces.